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Giant asteroid to zoom past Earth this week

A giant asteroid measuring more than a mile long will zoom past the Earth this week. The "potentially hazardous" asteroid, named 1989 JA, is the largest expected to get very close to the planet in 2022.[...]

Can the Sharkcano sharks survive their erupting home?

Scientists were shocked back in 2015 when they found several species of shark living in the hot, acidic crater water of an underwater volcano. Now this Sharkcano is starting to erupt. Will the sharks survive?[...]

Super easy way to make your own fertilizer

When you think about a thriving ecosystem, itas easy to see the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. Plants feed animals and, in return, animals fertilize plants through scat and decomposition. For the home gardener, you can replicate that benefit to plants by applying fertilizer to grass, vegetables, flowers, houseplants, trees and shrubs.A [...]

Oui the People nickel-free razors are gentle on the planet

With all the options on the market for razors and bodycare product, what led to Oui the People gathering a waitlist of 10,000 customers? Oui the People is a Black and female-owned, award-winning bodycare brand that created a nickel-free safety razor and products that are gentler on the earth and the body. [...]

London office balances tech, nature and the future

The pandemic created a ripple effect through countless industries, architectural design notwithstanding. A new office in Central London created a post-pandemic atmosphere that balances technology, nature, and a vision of the future.A [...]

Mountains of sugar are hiding beneath seagrass meadows

Scientists have found a mindboggling deposit of sugar in an odd place: underneath seagrass meadows in the oceans of the world.[...]

Jumping worm invasion isn't cause for alarm, experts say

Experts say that Americans shouldn't worry much about the jumping worm invasion. Although jumping worms are not new to America, the recent resurgence of the worms has sparked alarm among farmers and gardeners. Various individuals have recently reported spotting the jumping worms of the genus Amynthas. Reports of sightings have been logged in the states of Maine, Missouri, and California this spring.[...]

Environmental lessons from Pacific Islanders

If we want to learn how to deal with a quickly endangered world, we can learn some lessons from people who are already dealing with the consequences: Pacific Islanders.[...]

LEED certified Boislavka Center makes use of odd topography

BoAislavka Center is a master plan that encompasses four separate buildings on a single lot in Prague, Czech Republic. Designed by AulAk FiA!er Architects, the development is a result of ideas formed during a design competition that outlined comprehensive project goals.A [...]

Here in Melton, businesses can create a greener future

In more ways than one, the Western Business Accelerator and Centre for Excellence (BACE) is building a better future. That's why it was designed to fight the environmental problems the world is facing today.[...]

World's longest mountain range is mostly under water

Far beneath the oceanas surface stretches the worldas longest mountain range. Itas one of the worldas great mysteries, barely explored beyond mapping and involved in all kinds of seismic activity.[...]

Ancient forest in China discovered by cave explorers

Scientists have expressed enthusiasm after the discovery of an ancient forest at the bottom of a giant sinkhole in the Guangxi region of southern China. The forest contains both undergrowth and tall trees, some reaching up to 130 feet in height, and was first stumbled upon by cave explorers who notified scientists to have a look at it.A [...]

Historic Texas hotel combines the past with the future

TheA Albert HotelA is a landmark of Texas hill country in historic DowntownA Fredricksburg located on Main Street. Built on the site of and retaining the Keidel family pharmacy and homestead founded 175 years ago, the Albert Hotel is being renovated and expanded in a sustainable updateA designed byA Clayton Korte in partnership with New Waterloo.[...]

The best and worst cities for clean air around the world

The air we breathe is one of the most critical elements of our existence, so itas no surprise thereas concern over the quality of that air. Air pollution is the result of a combination of natural and human-made particulates that together create unhealthy, unpleasant air. The air quality experts at HouseFresh recently released "The Worldas Best and Worst Towns and Cities for Clean Air in 2022." It outlines where fine particulate matter of 2.5 microns or less measure highest and lowest around the globe.A [...]

They create loungewear committed to social change

If you want to support a sustainable company doing good in the world, consider Eavolu. They are a loungewear clothing brand that does good beyond the production and packaging. Eavolu, along with a growing number of other companies, partners with organizations committed to environmental and social change. [...]

New purification facility will take water from toilet to tap

Most people donat like to think about flushing the toilet and having that same water come out of the tap. But as the California megadrought grinds on, Governor Gavin Newsom has become very enthusiastic about a new plan to render sewage water drinkable.[...]

This water dispenser uses smart technology for a clean drink

Innovative solutions are essential for removing petroleum-based plastics from our daily life. Bevi, a bubbly, bottleless water dispenser for offices and commercial spaces, is dedicated to offering a variety of drink options, sans the plastic bottle.A [...]

Modern home in Ukraine merges residence and art gallery

The Residence in the Garden of Rocks is located in the southern suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine along the canal. The client wanted the house to suit his family's needs while showcasing his collection of modern sculptures.[...]

Here's what you can do on Endangered Species Day

The health of our planet depends on a rich and diverse ecosystem. That includes all types of plants and animals, in conjunction with humans. When the environment is in balance, everyone benefits. But when natural and human forces create an imbalance, the fragile ecosystem doesnat always recover. Such is the case for dozens of endangered species that are in threat of being erased from the planet. [...]

Material Kitchen's bowl and board are made from sugarcane

They say it's a picture that paints a thousand words. But if you look at a picture of the colorful cutting board and bowl from Material Kitchen, you won't know most of the story. What you won't see is the cutting board and bowl are entirely made from kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane.[...]

First carbon positive hotel in the US breaks ground

The first carbon positive hotel in the U.S. is currently under construction in Denver, Colorado. Designed by environmental steward Urban Villages, it is called Populus. It is expected to open in late 2023.A [...]

Reclaimed Laranjal House sits in an orange orchard

Laranjal House by Alves Architects is located in a field of orange trees on the premises of the company Zircom, S.A. The house is part of an industrial installation created by the demolition company. The challenge from Zircom to the architects was to reuse materials used from the demolitions to build a modern space for staff lunch breaks. [...]

Protect bees this World Bee Day on May 20

Where possible and within reason, adopt a more tolerant attitude to feral bee colonies in buildings, and of hived bee colonies in ones neighborhood. If we want bees, we need to make space for them.- Dr. David Heaf, The Bee-friendly Beekeeper[...]

Combine skin and emotional health with selfmade

Beauty products are a lot more than lipstick colors and finding the right foundation. There's something almost ritualistic about applying and wearing beauty products. Humans have a long history with cosmetics and beauty items of all kinds. Now, there's an entire company dedicated to creating beauty products that marry skin health with emotional health.[...]

These modular furniture focus on sustainable production

The premise behind Loose Parts, a sustainably-minded furniture company, is to make furniture from organic materials and ensure a long lifespan. The goal is to keep furniture out of the landfills, investing instead in a modular design and repair services.A [...]

Meet Dos Rios Ranch, California's newest state park

If all goes well, California's newest state park will be open and accessible to visitors within a year. The 2,500-acre Dos Rios Ranch is at the confluence of the Tuolumne and San Joaquin rivers, about ten miles southwest of Modesto in Californiaas Central Valley.[...]

Japan's first carbon capture and storage facility to be live by 2030

Japanese oil refiner Eneos Holdings has partnered with utility J-Power to set up Japan's first Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) facility. The facility is expected to begin operations at the end of the decade, helping giant firms to cut down their carbon emissions. A site is targeted in western Japan with designs beginning next year and final financial investment decisions in 2026.[...]

10 Asian American and Pacific Islander businesses to support

With May being Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we specifically want to shed light on businesses owned and operated by members from the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities. One opportunity to lift up hard-hit AAPI businesses is to show support with your purchasing dollars. Celebrate the rich history and modern contributions the AAPI community added to the American story by seeking out AAPI-created products.[...]

NASA contracts Canoo to design new EV for Artemis astronauts

After a competitive process, NASA chose Canoo to design an electric vehicle to transport its Artemis astronauts to the launchpad on their next mission. It's a short drive compared to reaching the moon, but the specialized vehicle needs to be able to carry fully-equipped astronauts, support staff and gear to the launch site.[...]

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'It's time to die': Fourth grader recalls harrowing moment Texas school shooter entered classroom

A boy who survived the school shooting in Texas says he hid under a table as Salvador Ramos told his classroom: 'It's time to die.' He also claims said his teachers stepped in front to protect the class.

Distraught sheriff's deputy weeps over death of daughter, 10, in Texas school massacre

A harrowing photo captured the moment a Texas sheriff's deputy responding to Tuesday's school massacre was told his daughter was among the victims.

Covid leaves woman unable to walk as doctors study functional neurological disorder

Stacey King, 40, caught Covid in March and at first experienced typical symptoms. But on the fifth day of her infection, her life completely changed when she woke up unable to walk.

Seth Green's animated show in crisis after scammer stole and sold copyright character Bored Ape

Seth Green has appealed to the purchaser of a NFT stolen from his wallet to return the artwork to him, because the art - a cartoon ape - is the star of his new TV show.

PICTURED: Transgender woman wrongly accused of being Texas school shooter

Sam, a transgender woman from Georgia (pictured), was wrongly accused of being the Texas school shooter. Her picture has been shared online, falsely linking her to the shooting.

Furious father of Texas school shooting victim slams police for failing to stop gunman for an HOUR

Jacinto Cazares's daughter Jacklyn, 10, was among 19 children and two teachers murdered in their classroom on Tuesday. He is demanding to know why it took an hour to stop the gunman.

Customs and Border Patrol shares photo of bullet-damaged hat worn by agent during Texas shootout

The picture shows the spot the hat was torn to shreds as the bullet whizzed by. The agent is based Del Rio Sector and the agency said that many of the agents have children who attend that school.

Texas elementary school killer Salvador Ramos got job at Wendy's to save up $4,000 for guns

Salvador Ramos, 18, worked at Wendy's to save money to purchase the assault weapons he used to shoot up a Texas elementary school on Tuesday. He quit after earning the money.

Kim Kardashian makes plea for gun control after Texas school shooting

Kim Kardashian is speaking out after the tragic Texas school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.A

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle WILL join the Queen at St Paul's Thanksgiving service

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join The Queen at a thanksgiving service at St Paul's Cathedral to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, it has been announced.

Country Life had six architects jazz up Buckingham Palace, ROBERT HARDMAN inspects their designs

ROBERT HARDMAN: With the possible exception of the White House, Buckingham Palace (pictured) is arguably the most famous and instantly recognisable home on Earth.

As Thomas Markle lies gravely ill, RICHARD KAY gives some friendly adviceA

RICHARD KAY: Watching Prince Harry gallop across a sunlit polo field in southern California it was tempting to wonder if it brought back any nostalgic memories...

Young star - and a dastardly Tom Hanks - make Elvis biopic a spectacle, writes BRIAN VINERA

BRIAN VINER: Blue suede shoes trod the red nylon carpet last night as an enthusiastic audience at the Cannes Film Festival arrived to see the premiere of Baz Luhrmann's keenly awaited biopic Elvis.

Kate Middleton is radiant in mint green custom-made gown at Buckingham Palace garden party

The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, said it was 'so lovely' to see Holocaust survivor Manfred Goldberg, 92, at the Buckingham Palace garden earlier this afternoon.

Homeless NYC man tells of his terror after he was handed gun that had been used in subway attack

'Out of nowhere, a person wearing a blue hoodie, pants, and white sneakers came up to me...and put a gun in my cup,' the unidentified homeless man, 46, said.

AOC says she's itching to ditch her Tesla after spat with Elon Musk

A few weeks after Elon Musk told Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to stop flirting with me, the New York socialist says she's ditching her Tesla.

Ukraine city suffers all-out blitz as Russia throws 'all the strength it has left' into attack

Russian troops last night reached the limits of the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk - with fears relentless attacks will turn it into 'the new Mariupol'.

Another 36 cases of mysterious hepatitis have been recorded, but no new deaths

A total of 216 children have now been struck down with the illness across 37 states, with Mississippi and Utah the latest to be added to the growing list.

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